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Meet Will

Will wanted to find a role that would help make the world a better place — now and in the future. With an interest in sustainability and ESG, he has found a place with purpose at Lloyds Banking Group.

He’s now a Sustainable Financial Wellbeing Graduate.

There are so many opportunities to make a difference.

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Meet Priscilla

Coming from a strong science background, Priscilla is using her analytical mind for good as a Lloyds Banking Group graduate. She’s growing in confidence, and in her career.

She’s now a Sustainable Consumer Banking Graduate.

No matter where you are in the UK, you can find a community.

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Meet Varoosha

When it came to building a meaningful career, relying on a logical mindset was the smart choice for Varoosha. After her work placement with Lloyds Banking Group as a teenager, it was the natural place for her to start her career.

She is now a Finance Graduate.

Finance just clicked for me.

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Meet Roisin

Roisin went from an uninspiring science lab to Lloyds Banking Group. Now she’s using her unconventional background to pave the way to a brighter future.

Roisin is now a Risk Graduate.

There’ll be a role for you that aligns with your skills.

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Meet Sushmita

When Sushmita was looking to her future, she knew she wanted to go somewhere that would embrace her impressive skills and encourage her confidence.

Sushmita is a former Technology Engineering Graduate.

You’ll get a chance as long as you're willing to learn.

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Meet Nazihah

With an undergraduate and masters degree under her belt, Nazihah wanted to bring change to financial services. She has dreams of bringing more ethics into building models.

Nazihah is now a Data Science Graduate.

I'm translating data into actionable business insights.

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Meet Jack

A fascination with history and the world around us led Jack to an interest in economics. He’s using his interests to create a legacy that matters.

Jack is now a Business and Commercial Banking Graduate.

My work is making a difference to people’s lives.

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Meet Tanyaradzwa

A dream of helping develop countries was the catalyst for Tanyaradzwa’s step into a career in Energy Transition and Commodities at Lloyds Banking Group.

Tanyaradzwa is now a Corporate Banking & Markets Graduate and Chair of Commercial Banking Graduate Committee.

I want to help develop economies in tangible ways and make genuine change.

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Meet Kiera

Kiera’s background in psychology is helping her understand what motivates customers as she strives for more.

Kiera is now a Business Analysis Apprentice.

There is no right or wrong journey.

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Meet Finley

A psychology student turned tech whiz, Finley is using his interests and unique experiences to make a future on his own terms.

Finley is now a Technology Engineering Graduate.

My problem-solving skills set me apart.

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Meet Iona

With passion, enthusiasm and a diverse set of skills, Iona is thriving in her work with Lloyds Banking Group — and loving it.

Iona is now an Audit Apprentice

I’m so happy with my role right now.

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Meet Alex

After achieving his goal to work at Lloyds Banking Group, Alex’s bright insights are playing a part in accelerating our tech transformation.

Alex is now a Data Science & Analytics Graduate

I’m very grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve received.

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Meet Becky

With a psychology degree under her belt, Becky is using her expertise to help customers have the best online banking journey possible.

Becky is now a Data Apprentice

I want to represent women in tech.

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Meet Jake

When it came to his future, Jake knew his interest in finance would take him far. He’s becoming a fully qualified accountant while learning from his supportive peers.

Jake is now a Finance Apprentice

Apprentices are part of the team from day one.

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Meet Elliot

Knowing that a degree doesn’t automatically guarantee a job these days, Elliot wanted to be strategic about where he could learn and develop in the early stages of his career.

Elliot is now a Risk Apprentice

There are so many resources to help me improve myself.

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Meet Jack

A visual impairment gave Jack the space to work on his passions as a teenager. Now he’s using his problem-solving skills to help our tech transformation.

Jack is now a Technology Engineering Apprentice

I turned my teenage hobbies into a promising career.

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Meet Missy-Anne

As Lloyds Banking Group’s first apprentice, mixing motherhood and career development has been a successful journey for Missy-Anne.

Missy-Anne is a Financial Services / Customer Service Apprentice

I’m the first Lloyds Banking Group apprentice. And I’m still loving it.

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