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Can you explain to family and friends what you want in life?

Parents, teachers, friends… You’d be surprised how much they influence our career choices. Sometimes it’s you who invites their guidance, other times it’s them who need enlightening on what your dream job actually entails.

However, there are many early career paths most people never imagined at Lloyds Banking Group – from data science and software engineering to human resources and, of course, commercial banking.

As for the impact you can make? How about outsmarting online scammers and protecting the savings of 26 million customers? Or looking at the ambitions of all kinds of businesses and helping them achieve their goals.

When you put it that way, few can offer you bigger opportunities to make a difference and help Britain prosper. Or to help you and those close to you imagine what’s next in your career.

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Imagine what's next

Do apprenticeships turn school leavers into business leaders? Can graduates really make an instant impact on the world. Are our programmes like school or a ‘proper’ job? These are the questions we’re here to answer…

The best of both worlds

If a paid job, accelerated career progression and a university degree without the debt interests you like it did Ajrienne, one of our apprenticeships might be right for you.

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Surprising (and sustainable) career paths

It may shock you to learn part of Akshatha’s role is advising colleagues on the effects of climate change on businesses, but finance touches every aspect of sustainability.

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Think about alternative futures

J.J. used to dream about being a professional footballer, but when plans changed, he thought about his other skills – and we guided him on how to channel them.

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Higher education isn’t for you. Qualifications still might be.

Even though he was good at Business Studies in school, Robbie much preferred trading for real. It’s not that he didn’t want a degree; just a hands-on learning environment.

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Making a clear impact in an inclusive workplace

When you start a career at Lloyds Banking Group, you’re choosing to use your voice and shape finance into a force for good. Just ask Wemi…

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