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Your health and wellbeing is important to us.

It’s important for us to create and encourage a culture of wellbeing and inclusivity within our team. We recognise how diverse our workforce is, so we offer a range of health and wellbeing support to meet the varied needs of our colleagues.

We value your wellbeing and want you to be your best, inside and outside of work. To help you maintain a sense of wellness, we’ll provide you with the right tools. We’ll connect you to support, defined by our six pillars — some of which are closely linked.

Healthy mind

  • Mental health resource centre for colleagues
  • Workshops and tools to help support mental health needs
  • Mental health advocates, first aiders and support structures
  • Free access to applications such as Headspace
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Healthy body

  • Private medical benefit offered to all colleagues
  • Healthy lifestyle advice
  • Healthcare options including cancer care and support
  • Accessibility and comfort at work
  • Free eye tests for colleagues

Healthy work-life

  • Work from home for up to three days a week
  • Flexible summers and bank holidays 
  • Job sharing encouraged
  • Career breaks of up to 12 months
  • Time for volunteering and fundraising activities
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Healthy relationships

  • Harnessing a culture where you can be yourself and be your best
  • Support for parents and carers
  • Emergency assistance for colleagues experiencing domestic abuse
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Healthy finances

  • Various colleague offers including season ticket loans
  • Specialist support and signposting for colleagues
  • Colleagues can tailor their financial benefits to what works best for them
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Life stages

  • Support through life changes such as pregnancy, menopause, separation and loss
  • Healthcare options and Employee Assistant Programme to support during distressing situations
  • Flexibility and support for late-stage careers
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