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What qualifications do I need?

It all depends on the programme you are interested in. Our entry requirements will be clearly listed on our vacancies.

All apprenticeships require a certain level of English and maths. You will be asked to provide evidence of GCSEs (or equivalent qualifications) in these subjects or confirm you are willing to take some additional English and maths qualifications alongside your apprenticeship. Don’t worry, we will arrange this for you.

Do you accept Scottish qualifications?

Yes, we accept Scottish qualifications.

Do you accept equivalent qualifications attained outside of the UK?

Yes, we accept qualification from outside of the UK. Although you may be required to provide a letter of comparability.

I only have predicted grades, can I still apply?

Absolutely! Although if you get an offer that requires specific qualifications, it will be conditional on you achieving them. Your offer will only become unconditional once your exam results have been received.

I already work for Lloyds Banking Group, can I apply?

Yes, you can. Our apprenticeships are advertised internally and externally. Please apply via Workday.

I have a degree. Am I eligible for an apprenticeship?

It depends… If your degree is in a subject completely unrelated to the apprenticeship and has no module crossover, there should be no issues.

If your degree is in a similar subject or there are similar modules to the apprenticeship, then we will need to review your module transcript in more detail. We may need to discuss this with you.

Can I apply if I have a student visa or limited right to remain in the UK?

Yes, we accept qualifications from outside of the UK however you may be asked to provide evidence which compares your qualifications to UK qualifications (e.g. through a UK ENIC Statement of Comparability). Don’t worry – if we need you to do this, we’ll let you know.

Apprenticeship opportunities

What sort of apprenticeship programmes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships, from intermediate to degree level.

How do I know which apprenticeship would suit me best?

Each apprenticeship is designed for a specific role, so to find the right apprenticeship you need to ask yourself “What do I enjoy doing? What am I naturally good at? What are my strengths?”

Why not take a look at some of our profiles?

What if I can’t see an apprenticeship that is suitable or in my location?

If you can’t see the right role for you right now register your interest for an apprenticeship or a specific location and we’ll be in touch when a suitable role becomes available. Visit the 'Register your interest' page.

How long is an apprenticeship with Lloyds Banking Group?

The length of an apprenticeship depends on the programme. Our apprenticeships typically run from 12 months to three years.

Will I have a permanent job at the end of my apprenticeship?

Our apprenticeship vacancies are permanent positions from day one.

What will I get at the end of the apprenticeship?

Everyone on our apprenticeships gets a nationally recognised qualification and a ‘graduation’ certificate. Some apprenticeships progress to higher level programmes. This is detailed in the job adverts.

Application process

When do you recruit?

We recruit throughout the year – keep an eye on our website for apprenticeship vacancies.

Where are your apprenticeships based?

We recruit across the UK in our Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches. We also have vacancies in many of our larger business hubs, which include Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Halifax, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newport.

What is the application process?

You can find full details of the application process on the How to apply page.

What is an assessment day?

We run virtual and face-to-face assessment days, where we invite candidates to spend either half a day or a full day showing us their strengths and talents. You’re asked to complete tasks and activities that might occur in a workplace, which might include all, or some, of the following:

  • a strengths-based interview
  • a team exercise
  • a presentation.

If you’re invited to an assessment day, we’ll assess you against the criteria we’ve set for the role.

What will make my application stand out?

We're looking for people with a real passion for what they want to do, and for Lloyds Banking Group too. You’ll stand out if you can show us that you know about our business – our different brands, our vision and even who our competitors are. It’s also important that you can explain in your application and at an interview, why you’d really like to do the type of work and apprenticeship you’ve applied for.

You can get an inside view from someone who works at Lloyds Banking Group. Chat to our people to ask a question.

Will it matter if I have very little or no previous work experience?

Previous work experience isn’t essential, but we’ll still need to assess if you have the right attitude and passion for Lloyds Banking Group and the apprenticeship you’ve applied for. You’ll need to show us what other things you’ve done and the skills and experience you’ve gained from other activities – whether it’s volunteering or captaining a sports team.

For example, if you play sport you may be able to talk about being a team player or managing a team or having to commit to train and attend practice, and managing your school / college work alongside your sport. If you’ve done a Duke of Edinburgh award or any volunteering work, you can talk about your experience doing this. If you’ve had a part-time or summer job, you can talk about what this has taught you. The job itself isn’t important.

What we’re interested in, is if you can transfer the skills, knowledge and experience you’ve gained to working in a professional environment like ours. It’s who you are and what you can offer that matters.

I’m having technical issues, what should I do?

If you experience any issues during our application process, please contact us at 

Can I apply to more than one apprenticeship vacancy?

Yes. If you are interested in more than one apprenticeship opportunity, you can submit an application for each one.

Pay and benefits

How much will I earn as an apprentice?

As a permanent colleague from day one, you’ll be paid in line with the role you’ve applied for. You can find salary information on all our vacancies. As a minimum, you can expect to earn at least £22,000 per year, if you work full time.

Do you offer any other benefits?

Our pay and benefits packages support your lifestyle, health & wellbeing and finances. You can choose benefits that suit your individual needs and switch them if you want to as your circumstances change.

What holidays will I get?

A healthy work-life balance is important. And we offer a generous holiday allowance to help you achieve it. You’ll start with a minimum of 22 days holiday, rising to 30 days based on how long you work with us and the grade of your role. You also get bank holidays in addition to your allowance and you’ll have the opportunity to buy or sell the equivalent of a week’s holiday through our ‘Flex’ scheme.

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