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“My work is making a difference to people’s lives.”

Jack, Business and Commercial Banking Graduate.

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A fascination with history and the world around us led Jack to an interest in economics. He’s using his interests to create a legacy that matters.

Jack is now a Business and Commercial Banking Graduate.

Finding your feet

“I did an industrial placement in Lloyds Banking Group during my university studies, working in Risk. I got a better understanding of the products as I saw how they all come together. I loved it, it taught me so much. So, when I was finished studying at university, I applied for a grad scheme.”

Learning the ropes

“I’m learning so many skills that touch on a bit of everything, whether it's stakeholder management or analysing data. There’s a variety of clients that you work with, from small businesses to corporate businesses, and an ability to either meet clients or take on more projects behind the scenes. There are so many different paths you can take.”

Sharing values

“I like having the ability to closely interact with our clients. I get to see how our values can be pushed through, and how that actually impacts the client’s work. It’s so nice to see that what you do positively affects people in the outside world.”

Seeing is believing

“My first rotation was in what we call ‘Digital Channels’ — it's focused on originating business through our website and mobile apps. I got to lead on an overhaul of our web pages for one of our products and use the datasets to analyse the data we received, like what made people engage with us, and what they liked. I was even involved in implementing the changes and designing a whole new customer experience around our learnings. It was fascinating!”

Creating a legacy

“Working on that particular project was huge for me, because I can go online even now and see some of the work I’ve been involved in, on our website. I can say I've really impacted customers for the better. I've seen a few figures from it, and it's really been working. So far, so amazing.”

Unexpected wins

“As a grad, it's great to see everything come together, but you've got to make sure that your organisation skills are always progressing. In my time, I’ve also learned how to communicate better, even if it’s just writing an email or a quick message to a colleague. These skills help with everything that I work on now and in the future.”

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