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“Everyone seems to enjoy their work. They’re all very supportive and will make the time for you when you need it.”

Ruby, Technology Engineering Apprentice

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Ruby's found a varied and exciting apprenticeship with Lloyds. The possibility of many routes to progress her career was very appealing. It was also a chance to jump out of her comfort zone, knowing she’d have support and challenges throughout.

Ruby is now revelling in her role as a Technology Engineering Apprentice. It’s a role where she can think about and plan for the future. That's because she knows that her values align with the Group’s, including a commitment to wellbeing.

My day-to-day

“I’m currently working as a DevOps and Software Engineer so my days are very interesting. I’m working as a front-end engineer redesigning a certain online banking journey. So, I usually spend a couple of hours coding the new features for that. Then, I spend my afternoons as a DevOps engineer. I work within the Chief Technology Office."

Up close and personal with tech transformation

“It’s so unbelievable to me to think I’m developing code that millions of customers will use on a daily basis. The things I’m doing are helping change management tools in the Atlassian suite. They're going to enable technology teams to deliver change more effectively.”

My favourite project

“The current re-design I’m working on has to be one of my favourites. We’re completely changing an online customer journey to make it easier for our customers. It’s very rewarding to know you’re working that closely to help people in their everyday lives.”

I’m learning so much through training

“Technology advances fast. I’ve been able to attend things like a three-week modern engineering accelerator course. I got to learn about all cloud technology, containerisation and developing an application through to deploying it onto GCP. I also got a diploma from BCS in software development fundamentals, a certification from SheCodes for software development, and an A Level 2 Award in social skills in a digital world. These are just a few examples of the qualifications I’ve gained so far, and there’s no slowing down yet.”

A space for me to bring my strengths

“My human resources experience definitely allowed me to challenge the team's culture. I feel like I got to make changes in a positive way. For instance, I contributed to changing the onboarding journey for new colleagues. That feels like a really positive thing.”

Making big career moves

“Moving from human resources into technology without any prior experience has been a highlight. I didn’t know what was possible for me, I didn’t even know what Java or JavaScript was. And now I’m becoming a specialist!”

Finding your own path to progress

“There are so many opportunities to progress, I am spoilt for choice. I would enjoy staying within the tech sector. And I find it really inspiring to think that I can carve my own career path, and that doesn’t have to be a linear process. It can remain fresh and exciting each step of the way.”


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