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“The area I’m in right now? It’s like a second family.”

Marcus, Enterprise Leadership Graduate Alumni

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Marcus liked the values that Lloyds Banking Group represented. Joining a summer internship solidified this, as did the support and care colleagues were giving each other.

He was looking at employers that are investing in or have a purpose to become innovation leaders. And that’s what he found on his journey as a graduate.

New beginnings but old hands

“Although the scheme I applied for was new – meaning there was no cohort from before to tell me what to expect – hearing a broad range of colleagues from the different schemes gave me a great view of what the company was like.”

Day to day

“It’s looked very different over the course of the scheme, in three very different areas of the bank. I’ve worked in Group Internal Audit, Business Banking, and Group Transformation. I’m very much a jack of all trades because I’m interested in getting involved in many different things. The bonus is that no two days are ever the same.”

Moving slow and fast

“Being in Group Transformation, you’re the heart of change, and you constantly feel that things are moving both slow and fast. You’ve got to be ready to go, but patient for results. With the new strategy and transition to platform teams, I feel my role is very close to this. And I like that.”

Designing and planning…exciting!

“Continuous Payment Authorities (CPA) was a product I was working on – the aim being to deliver and enhance LBG subscription management. A feature that was first to market amongst UK banks, so it was very exciting to be involved.”

You’re always making an impact

“This is true in many ways, but I’ve managed to build myself a little more SME expertise in each team I have been in, as well as creating an inclusive environment.”

You can always ask for help

“Throughout my whole grad scheme, I’ve received great support from senior leaders, and managers, from mentoring opportunities to solving complex problems, reaching parts of the bank that you may not have in your network etc.”

Good grades too

“To me, the biggest achievement to date in LBG is being able to balance getting good grades in my Master’s, whilst having a significant impact within the teams that I’ve been working in – I’m currently working towards a Master’s and CMI qualification with Henley Business School.”

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