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“Everything I read painted a picture of a company that really values its people.”

Chloe, Finance Graduate

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Chloe was looking for an employer that would give her the best start to develop towards a leadership role. Finding that the Group showed real commitment to causes like sustainability was a huge selling point for her.

She is now part of the Finance graduate scheme.

Show don’t tell

“As well as talking about how inclusive their culture is, LBG also showed me that in action. Everyone I spoke to seemed proud and happy to work there. It was very clear they provided a positive work environment and that I would be valued and supported if I joined.”

Taking the lead

“I like that I am given opportunities to take ownership and have autonomy. I can take the lead and guide my work to add value to LBG to Help Britain Prosper.”

Sustainable futures

“I’m currently undertaking the course ‘Sustainability Essentials for Business’ by Cambridge University. After I’ve completed this, I’m looking forward to having conversations with my team about how we can implement these learnings in our projects.”

A fantastic network of support 

“My fellow graduates and I are always checking in with each other to see how everything is going. We are all on the same journey, so we can understand and empathise with any difficulties faced.”

Dyslexia support was outstanding

“I was only diagnosed in the second year of uni which was a relief but meant it was all very new and putting it on my application was daunting. However, LBG supported me throughout the process, in a way that was so helpful. At the assessment centre, I was paired with someone and had extra time too. They were really understanding.”

Learning and growing

“I’ve been involved in the Finance Graduate Committee, which has given me a huge number of opportunities to meet other people in the Group. I’ve also joined Rainbow, Breakthrough and Access networks, and BOLD as an ally. My learning with Lloyds isn’t just about my day-to-day role, but the people I get the chance to meet and engage with outside of it, which is really meaningful.”

My typical day

“There is no such thing. Every day is a fresh learning opportunity, and my role is too varied to ever be typical!”

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