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“I like the way Lloyds Banking Group focuses on individual strengths and motivation.”

Aiman, Internal Audit Apprentice

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Aiman joined LBG because she had an interest in Maths, Banking, and Analytics. She’s developed her communication skills to become an integral part of the Group Internal Audit Apprenticeship Scheme. She also mentors new apprentices to help them settle into the world of work and auditing.

She enjoys how every audit is unique. And that’s something she’s had a lot of exposure to considering her work with the Retail Bank, Finance, IT Cyber Security, Climate Risk Audit teams, and most recently, with the Quality Assurance and Methodology team, which is basically ‘an audit, of an audit’.

My day-to-day

“I work with various audit teams to identify potential risk areas across the Group and provide assurance that our Governance, Risk, and Control processes are operating effectively.”

Getting to look behind the scenes

“From a Transformation, Technology, and Data Audit Team perspective, we have many assurance activities planned to assess the effectiveness of the LBG tech transformation. As auditors, we can gain insights ‘behind the scenes’, whilst providing an independent opinion.”

My highlights

“I’ve really enjoyed interacting with stakeholders of varying seniority, within my department and across the Group, whilst adding value to the business by landing impactful audit findings. I’ve also enjoyed learning the theoretical concepts of auditing and applying this directly to my day-to-day role.”

Senior colleagues are always willing to support apprentices

“My Line Manager has been great and always looks for opportunities for me to learn and develop. The Retail Team Audit Director has been a key pillar of support through thick and thin during my apprenticeship.”

Weekly catchups

“Within my apprentice cohort, we help each other with exam prep and have weekly catchups to see how everything is going and how we can support each other.”

Getting qualified

“As part of this apprenticeship scheme, I’ve obtained the Level 4 Internal Audit Practitioner Designation. I am working towards the Level 7 MSc Internal Audit Management and Consultancy Degree with Birmingham City University. Alongside a fully funded Master’s, I’ll also become a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and a fully Chartered Internal Auditor (CMIIA).”

Flexibility, trust, and balance

“Working from home and coming into the offices is nicely balanced, and I’m trusted to manage that, so it works for me. I’ve taken advantage of WFH during the pandemic, and currently, I am doing some days in the office and some from home.”

The daunting theory of auditing

“I interact and work with several stakeholders across the Group of varying seniority, whilst landing impactful audit findings and adding value to the Group. At first, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, but I have really enjoyed learning the theoretical concepts of Auditing and applying this directly to my day-to-day role.”

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