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Careers Live experience

Wondering what to do when you leave school? Lloyds Banking Group’s “Careers Live” experience offers you an inspiring, engaging and interactive opportunity to discover new, exciting careers that could start you on your journey into the world of work.

How it works

You’re invited to join us on the first Tuesday of every month for our Careers Live experience – where you’ll meet colleagues from across Lloyds Banking Group. Each colleague will have a unique experience to share, working in some of the high-demand and evolving roles that are shaping the future of financial services.

You’ll get the opportunity to hear what it’s like to work in these roles and what the day-to-day experience involves – alongside insight into the qualification to help you get into this field, the training offers and how you could develop your career further.

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You’ll get to hear all about opportunities to start work straight from school – either as an Apprentice or through a Graduate route. We’ll also keep you updated on the changing world of work, including the latest trends and growth areas.

We’ll help you understand more about the emerging demand for people to join specific industries and sectors. This includes discussion of: what the career prospects are like; the salary ranges on offer; career prospects; support, development and training provided; and what it’s like to work in our rapidly-changing industry.

There’ll be a live chat available across the events, too. This gives you the chance to put your own questions to our colleagues and get exclusive insights into how you can make the right choices for your career journey.

Our events run across Zoom. To join us, you only need a device and a stable internet connection.

What will I learn?

Over the hour you'll learn about what it’s like to work in a sector like Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Commercial Banking.

But you’ll also discover insights that extend beyond any glossy brochure. You’ll hear about the lived experiences of actual colleagues in Lloyds Banking Group and how they’ve pursued their own journey from leaving school to where they are today. It’s an opportunity to get under the skin of the sector, ask questions that are important to you and learn a little bit about the changing face of careers in financial services.

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Join us and you’ll also gain access to our World of Work experience. This self-paced learning material provides support to help you understand your own strengths, skills and personal brand, preparing for CV’s and interviewing skills and looking towards transitioning into the world of work.

The first Tuesday of every month we’ll be back online with a brand new career for you to discover – our next three events are displayed below.

What if I'm not looking for a career in banking?

We work hard in Lloyds Careers Live to feature careers that a host of UK companies are actively recruiting for. Increasingly, our colleagues are specialists and professionals in their field. Every day, they’re working within the field of financial services and serving the needs of over 30 million customers.


Like many large companies in the UK, it takes a multitude of skills to power Lloyds Banking Group. As well as front line leadership roles that you see in our branch network, we have an exciting range of technical careers. We offer roles in: software development, engineering, cyber security, data analytics, product design, finance, audit, retail and commercial banking.

We hope to see you there and offer some expert insight into getting your career started.


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