Apprentices: How to apply

If you're interested in building the next generation of banking, developing your skills at the UK's largest digital bank and helping to develop cutting-edge technologies, we want to hear from you. Our biggest tip across our application process for LBG Apprenticeships is... just be yourself! If you share our vision, are eager to learn and can help push us forward, then we want you.

There are three stages in the application process:


After you've completed an online application form, and if you're applying for a higher Apprenticeship (Level 4 and above), we may ask you to complete online tests to assess your strengths and mathematical skills.


At this stage there will be a face-to-face, telephone or video interview. This is the final stage for all Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeships and, if you are successful, we'll make you an offer. For Level 4 and above, we'll invite you to an assessment centre.


Our virtual assessment centre day is made up of a further strengths based interview and a series of virtual challenges. If you’re successful, we’ll make you an offer to join the programme.


Let us know if you need extra support

We recognise that people are different and we've tried to make our application process accessible to everyone.

We value the unique differences that each of our colleagues bring to work every day. Together, we make Lloyds Banking Group stronger and the best bank for our customers. We're working hard to build an inclusive bank that reflects the diversity of Britain today. 

And Here’s our top three tips to help you:

1. Take some time to think about ‘Why?’toggle

Our purpose is to help Britain prosper, so we'd love to hear examples of how you live our values. Whether it's your experience of volunteering or your ambitions to get involved in our charity work, how can you help us achieve our purpose?

2. Think about your strengthstoggle

Strengths-based interviews are a bit different from traditional assessments. We'd like to learn about what you're naturally good at, so be prepared to show us how you do things across various exercises on our assessment days.

3. Do what you can, when you cantoggle

Our video interview will ask you to answer a series of questions in a certain amount of time. But just because there's 45 seconds, don't feel you need to fill that time up. As long as you say everything you need to say, that's all that matters.

One last thing

Above all, we want to see the real you. We're not interested in perfectly performed responses and learned answers. We want to hear what you're truly passionate about, and why you believe our Apprenticeship is right for you. So, be yourself!

If you have any questions about the assessment process, or want to talk to us about any special requirements, contact us at:

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