get ready to discover more

You’ve had a glimpse at what it could be like to pursue your passions and discover new strengths at Lloyds Banking Group. You may even know which area of the organisation you might like to join. Now all that’s left to do is apply.

We’d like to get to know you as well as we can throughout this process so take your time, think about your responses and, as clearly as you can, share your interests, career goals and reasons why you want to work with us. Above all, be yourself! 

There are several stages to our application process. Each one is about getting to know you better, but each one also gives you a closer insight into our world. 

The application process sometimes varies, depending on which apprenticeship you’ve applied for, but they usually include some, or all, of these stages.

Stage 1

application form and online assessments

The first step is to complete our online application form. After you have completed that, and if you’re applying for a higher apprenticeship (level 4 and above, and some selected level 3 apprenticeships), we may ask you to complete online tests to assess your strengths, behaviours and numerical reasoning skills. 

Stage 2


At this stage there will be a face-to-face, telephone or video interview. We’ll advise you in advance as to which type of interview we’ll like you to complete. This is the final stage for all level 2 apprenticeships and, if you are successful, we'll make you an offer. 

Stage 3

Assessment Centre

For level 4 and above apprenticeships, if you pass the interview, we will invite you to an assessment centre to take part in individual and group exercises as well as participate in a virtual reality exercise within an immersive digital environment. Don’t be alarmed, it will give us more of an idea of how you handle situations in person. Afterwards, we’ll give you a personal feedback report, and if you are successful we'll make you an offer to join the programme. 

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