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“Anything is possible if you put your mind and heart to it, and you have the right people to support you. Which I definitely do.”

Tasmia, Digital and Technology Solutions Apprentice

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Tasmia wanted to work with LBG due to its reputation for having a great culture. Their proven track record of being a caring employer that puts their employees first made it an opportunity she had to explore.

Now, as a Digital and Technology Solutions Apprentice, she’s being recognised for her hard work. She even finds teams vying for her input, and is never short of exciting opportunities.

My day-to-day

“I spend my days working to install new user interfaces. It's to reduce the use of legacy systems. And to help the Group transition to new and smoother technology. We’re currently working with Tech Stack, React, Redux and Spring Boot.”

Learning and looking forward

“From the start, I’ve had more experienced colleagues help me to identify my goals. This involves things like making sure I could balance work, life and study. I also get time to work on assignments. Where possible, I get to work with different teams to learn more relevant technical skills in line with my degree.”


“I work a lot within tech transformation. Speeding up processes is a focal part of my role, which is all part of our commitment to improving carbon emissions quickly. That’s something I really care about.”

My world beyond my role

“I’ve really enjoyed broadening my perspective through LBG’s many networks. I’ve also enjoyed learning more about corporate social responsibility. A highlight for me was being awarded ‘Highly commended’ in the Digital and Technology category at the BAME Apprenticeship Awards 2020. I was also nominated for the Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2022.”

Flexibility has been so important

“When I was pregnant with my first child and completing my degree, I had the time to focus on deadlines and make use of flexible working. My wellbeing is very important too, so I often use the Headspace app provided by LBG.”

Sustainability is everything

“This is very important to me. It’s nice to see big financial sector organisations making this a priority. I’m part of the change in delivering applications and reducing manual procedures. That feels so good.”

Ready to lead

“Next, I’d like to increase my knowledge and progress into a leadership role. These are my aims and development goals that I discuss with my line manager. It’s great to know that I’m supported to work towards them throughout the year.”


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