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“You can learn a lot by the work you do, the people you work with. You grow as a person.”

Rose Mary, Technology Engineering Graduate

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Rose Mary changed careers before becoming a graduate again, so it was important for her to find the right kind of workplace, somewhere where wellbeing is at the forefront.

As part of the Technology Engineering Graduate Scheme, not only has she found a happy work-life balance, but she also hopes to work up from her graduate role to become a manager and mentor.

Something new every day

“Tech transformation at LBG is growing so fast, so it’s really motivating. Every day you’re learning something new.”

Starting from scratch

“I knew I wanted to be in tech, and I felt the training on this scheme was the best option for me. I saw good career progression in the organisation. I also read lots on the website and all the articles I found were really informative.”

My role?

“I spend a lot of time on road maps, within the bank and externally – I’m literally absorbing information all the time. Lots of research as well as developing social and communication skills.”

Up close in transformation

“Cloud Architecture is a team that helps to build and implement everything. It’s very satisfying to be involved. Everything in tech happens very fast so you have to be sure to keep up.”

Personal help as well as professional

“I went through some difficult personal circumstances and had a lot of support with my mental health. I also needed to move home and was supported with all of this. Any problem, I always find LBG are there to help.”

A truly inclusive environment

“I’m Arabic and I feel a strong sense of equity at LBG. Diversity and inclusion are a key part of Helping Britain Prosper and it really comes through. LBG supports colleagues to retain and celebrate their identities.”

An amazing place for me

“It’s a very diverse organisation. You can learn a lot from the variety of work you do, and the different people you work with. You can grow as a person, as well as in your role.”

Friends not just colleagues

“I work in a team of approximately 16 people. These aren’t just people I work with now, they’re my friends too. It’s very supportive and we all help each other a lot.”

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