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“Since moving to a hybrid environment I’ve managed to get the best of both worlds.”

Fatimah, Risk Graduate

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Fatimah had a great time with LBG during an internship in her second year of university, so when it came to graduate schemes. Guess where she looked?

Now, as part of the Risk Graduate Scheme, no two days are the same and she’s getting an amazing insight into high-level strategy and transformation.

The day to day

“I have a daily meeting with my team to discuss our priorities and any news the team want to pass on. From there it varies, I could be supporting the effective running of the Group Risk Committee, or I could be meeting-free and delving into insightful papers, writing up notes from a really interesting meeting, or firing off update emails to keep the team in the loop.”

Getting involved in our tech transformation

“I’m very close to this! As BSM for the Chief Risk Officer, I get to sit in on exciting meetings where a lot of large strategic discussions are had, and transformation is at the forefront.”

So much support I don’t know where to start!

“I’ve had introductions to colleagues in areas that I’m interested in and been given time by those more senior to explain the more complex aspects of the role. And so much more.”

Learning on the job

“So far, I’ve completed the Level 6 ICA diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance. And I’m only just getting started. It’s so vital to know that I’m developing qualifications and building my knowledge base. It means that as I develop in my role I can apply this learning with confidence.”

Sustainability is really important and should be to everyone

“In my current role, I attend meetings where the Risk Climate Transformation programme is discussed and I’m always struck by how many people behind the scenes are working away to help the Group reach its sustainability goals as it pertains to climate change, Net Zero etc.”

My future

“I honestly don’t know but I feel good about it. I know wherever I end up in LBG, I’ll learn a lot and be surrounded by lots of like-minded people.”

My highlights so far?

“I got to chair the graduate working party which was a lot of fun. I also got to lead the coordination and delivery of a Risk-wide event for 1,000 people, using new technology on Microsoft Teams for the first time. Big responsibility, but I loved it.”

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