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“The future? At the moment the opportunities are endless!”

Faith, Business Analyst Apprentice

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Lloyds Banking Group was a brand Faith knew well, so it was high on her list of companies to work for after completing her A-levels.

Now in her role as a Business Analyst Apprentice – which involves meeting lots of people, leading sessions, and looking at data – Faith is already loving her responsibilities.

Senior leadership make things possible

“I’ve been supported to complete my work and, where there have been gaps in my knowledge, my line manager seeks out training opportunities or chances for me to observe other teams during my invaluable apprenticeship.”

Sustainable action

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn about ways I can help us to become more sustainable. LBG has taken actions such as reducing car travel and changing light bulbs to make positive changes. It’s so important to know that we’re taking care of the environment, and I’m so happy that I’m evolving along with the company.”

The most important thing to me

“LBG have goals relating to inclusion and diversity that they are actively working towards, but they also share how they’re progressing on the journey. It’s good to see the work they’re putting in and that they understand that there are improvements to be made.”

Getting any worries off my chest

“Throughout my apprenticeship, I’ve had regular catch-ups with another Business Analyst. They’re a great place to share any struggles I’m having because I know they’ll be met with support.”

People want you to achieve

“The culture is very supportive here. People encourage you to achieve your goals and help you to get there. Everyone is friendly and hard-working, and it’s a great community to be a part of.”

My highlight?

“Filming with the Department of Education for the Get the Jump campaign. Being recognised within my team for excellent work.”

Imagine what’s next

“This means thinking of the future and all the opportunities that are around me, and at the moment these are endless!”

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