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“I know the Group will progress far and I’m keen to not only see this change, but be a part of it myself.”

Billy, Internal Audit Apprentice

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Billy had an active interest in banking, accounting, and law. At first he wasn’t quite sure which direction to take his career. Then he saw an opportunity to explore and develop his specialist interests with LBG. The reputation of the Group reassured him that an apprenticeship would be rewarding.

He hasn’t looked back since. He's right at the forefront of auditing technology within the Group. This includes the change programmes associated with LBG’s tech transformation. He’s now well on his way to becoming an ‘auditor of the future'.

My day-to-day

“I spend my days working on up to three audits at a time. It’s a varied role with lots of exciting opportunities. These include testing controls to support risk management. And also engaging with stakeholders to drive improvement within the Group.”

Getting guidance from colleagues more senior than me

“This is so important. Recently, I’ve learned a lot about how encryption keys and digital certificates work. And generally, the encryption levels we would expect to see within the bank. I’ve also had support helping me to plan how to develop my career. And even how to better manage my personal finances. So useful.”

Getting great qualifications

“I learn a lot on the job, but I’m also getting qualifications to prove it. I’m working towards my level 7 qualification in Internal Audit whilst studying at Birmingham City University. I’m also completing the CIA qualification.”

Wellbeing and flexibility are high on the list

“We have the opportunity to optimise how we work to meet the demands of the role. I’ve adjusted my working hours when needed to look after my younger brother, as well as when I have revision to do. In both cases, I've started work earlier and finished earlier as a result.”

LBG’s commitment to sustainability is very important to me

“I see it in action in my role by the newly formed ‘Climate Risk’ audit team. This team focusses on auditing our sustainability targets as well as reviewing the measures we have in place to reach them. It’s accountability in action.”

The art of the possible

“I get excited about where LBG will be heading in the future. I’m curious to see where innovative initiatives like automation and artificial intelligence lead us. I know the Group will progress far and I’m keen to not only see this change but be a part of it myself.”

Winning gold

“I won the GIA Gold Award whilst I was in the Group Corporate Treasury (GCT) audit team. This is a stand-out achievement for me. This award is open to any colleague within GIA, yet I managed to receive this recognition. It was very motivating!”


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