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“As an intern, your ideas are valued.”

Victoria Ashton, Retail Customers and Products Intern

Victoria Ashton Retail Customers And Products Internship

Along with the day-to-day work of her 10-week Retail Customers and Products Internship in London, Victoria got involved with our disability network ACCESS and was elected team leader of her charity challenge group to fundraise for Mental Health UK.

We all lived together from day one

“Around 100 of us interns lived together in private halls in Islington, which was great. It saved us loads of money, meant we could walk to work and we got to know each other really quickly. We met up all the time to help each other out work-wise and would often go out for drinks in the evenings. I made some great friends – and even went traveling abroad with one of them after we graduated.”

I worked on a wide range of projects

“My activities were so varied and included developing ads, working with marketing agencies on publications, website pieces, and lots more. My line manager not only fully supported me; she also stretched me and gave me more and more responsibility as time went on. It was such a great learning experience, and it really helped me to gain confidence and overcome my shyness.”

I got exposure to senior leadership

“One achievement I’m particularly proud of is a competitor review I prepared – I analysed other major banks’ products, services, websites and social media presence. I then presented my findings to the Head of B2B Marketing. He was really engaged and had even invited along some of his colleagues to ask me questions about my research and how we could implement my suggestions.”

I was team leader of a charity challenge fundraiser

“We’re really encouraged to get involved in charity work, which is great as this is very important to me. As part of the internship, we were put into groups to fundraise and raise awareness for Mental Health UK. I was elected team leader and we ran several events, including getting professional headshots done and a very competitive office table tennis competition.”

I raised awareness for our disability network

“Besides all our work activities there are loads of networks you can take part in, including women’s and LGBT networks. I got involved with our disability network ACCESS and prepared a proposal on running a sign language class to support colleagues with hearing disabilities.”

Take advantage of all the opportunities

“Say yes. There are so many things you can do here to stretch and learn, so just go for it.”

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