You’ll bring unique skills and passions to our business, so we’re committed to supporting your personal and professional development.

On-the-job learning will be a major part of your growth, but you’ll be surprised by how diverse, yet tailored to your interests, our training programme is. From industry recognised professional qualifications to formal events designed and delivered by experts, you’ll find the subjects that inspire and motivate you. There are also development away days, plus mentors and highly experienced business leaders who’ll support you, too.

You’ll also have access to our Management Academy, our technical and professional courses, and a wide range of online reading material. Whether you want to learn more about leadership and customer experience or engagement, communication and negotiation, you’ll have a variety of innovative career development resources, at your fingertips. 

The Responsible Business Challenge
Lloyds Banking Group has made a pledge to help Britain prosper and one of the ways you’ll contribute is through the Responsible Business Challenge. You’ll come together with other graduates to take on a business initiative to raise funds for a UK-wide charity – showing you care about making a true difference to the communities around us.

The Innovation Challenge

Our graduate programmes have lots of support within the bank because we value the fresh thinking that diverse, new talent brings.

The Innovation Challenge is a chance for you to embrace different ways of doing things, learn innovation frameworks and consulting methodologies, and event recommend real changes to improve our work or processes, across the organisation.

Learning from the professionals

When you join our business, you’ll notice you’re surrounded by professionals with so much to give. Our people are generous with their time, but it’s up to you to seek them out and tap into their experience. Not only can you learn a lot, but you’ll start to build an influential network that will help you discover new roles, and interests you never knew you had.


As an intern at Lloyds Banking Group, you’ve shown us you have the passion, motivation and curiosity to explore a career that matters. That’s why we do all we can to support you, to discover more about yourself, and where you’d like to take your future career.

Our internships are all designed to inspire you to develop as a person and a professional, so we’ll support your development through masterclasses, training, and mentoring from experienced business leaders. You’ll also complete a suite of webinars, and have access to hundreds of online courses – all designed to help you achieve your goals and learn more about where you’d like to work, once you graduate.

Professional peers

Like with our graduates, it’s important that you tap in to the wealth of knowledge and experience around you. You’ll be surrounded by professionals with so much to give, so it’s up to you to seek them out and build networks that open doors, while you develop your strengths. What’s more, if you impress us, you could be offered a place on our Graduate Leadership Programme. 

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