Hashem Ejaz

Finance Graduate


Working with LBG’s executive board, paving the way for research into autism in the workplace and visiting Amsterdam with his team – Hashem Ejaz reflects on his LBG journey so far.


Right at the heart

“Finance is at the core of Lloyds Banking Group – we need to know exactly what is going on and what’s happening in the industry. I interact with a lot of shareholders and higher management, whether that’s to relay figures or discuss how we can take the bank forward.”

Leading national research

“I’ve been working for a charity called Ambitious About Autism. They wanted to help people with autism to enter the workplace, so we created a pack of information showing how people with autism have unique skills. We then distributed it to employers to show them how these skills could help their business – the project was a huge success.”

Social butterfly

“I joined LBG in September and by the following February, a number of my team took a trip to Amsterdam – sightseeing activities, the works. It shows you how quickly you build up friendships here – the social scene is brilliant.”

Service with a smile

“One of my placements was spending six months in a Halifax branch, which was something different – seeing people come in with a problem and leave with a smile. It was hard work, dealing with customers on the frontline, but I could actually see how we were helping them. It was amazing!”

Changing one life at a time

“There are so many opportunities to help the community here. Recently, I hosted two individuals that had been out of work due to mental health issues. I showed them what we do day to day, then demonstrated how their skills could be used. Someone later told me that they had felt empowered enough to apply for a job at LBG!”


Daniel Russell

Daniel Russell

Hebe Wildi

Hebe Wildi