Business Management and Customer Operations Graduate

I guess my journey started when I did an internship here – that was in the summer, at the end of my second year at university. A great way to ‘try before you buy’, it got me a job offer and saved me the hassle of applying while juggling my finals. I haven’t looked back.

Now I’m managing a team of thirty advisers who help customers to resolve their debts with the bank. It’s a bit like being a football coach – you want to do the best by your team, keep raising performance and playing to a strategy. And sometimes, to get the result, you have to make snap decisions based on what you see in front of you.

This is what makes a solutions pro – leading, communicating, finding smart ways to solve problems, creating an environment where others can be their best. So long as you come with the right soft skills, your development plan takes care of the technical side.


I’m discovering how business works, how people ­tick, and how to get the best out of both