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Virtual Reality Assessment

Bringing assessment into the future

In 2017 we became the first organisation to use virtual reality in our assessment centres. Last year we went even bigger, all applicants attending our assessment centres had the chance to show off their skills using virtual reality.

All of our applicants will be presented with a completely computer-generated environment where they’ll be able to move freely, pick up and drop virtual objects using handheld tools. Virtual reality allows us to create all kinds of scenarios and puzzles that we’d never be able to recreate in an ordinary interview process.

Arbi Rai is a Senior Emerging Talent Manager at LBG, “We ask the candidate to complete a number of activities. It’s a sneak preview of what working for the UK’s largest digital bank might be like.”

But what do our candidates think?

Pav Chakal, joined our Graduate Programme after graduating from Bournemouth University with a Business Studies and Economics degree.

“The tasks really make you think and definitely aren’t like run-of-the-mill exercises at other assessment days.”

Pav’s top tips for a successful assessment centre

“Research and preparation is absolutely key. Take a couple of hours to go on Google and read up about LBG’s direction and our values and culture. Most importantly though – just relax! The assessors are there to make you feel comfortable and understand what makes you tick as a person, the best way you can convey this is by being yourself and understanding that no one is there to catch you out”.

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