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Moving on: rotations and relocations

Leonie shares her experience of LBG’s rotational graduate schemes – and how well she’s been supported throughout.

The potential for relocation can feel daunting, but here’s why we make our graduate schemes nationwide…

Our graduate schemes are designed to give a breadth of knowledge and experience by ensuring you receive a variety of placements in terms of role and location. This means there is the potential for you to be placed anywhere in the UK as part of your grad scheme, and it is likely you’ll need to be flexible as you move onto different placements. Whilst this can feel daunting, we believe that relocating is hugely beneficial, and will help you have a great experience.

We asked one of our current graduates for their thoughts on relocating, and this is what she had to say…

How did you first feel about relocating?

“I was initially quite apprehensive as I’d never really moved away from home before, but I loved the idea of a new challenge and decided to apply for the scheme and give it a go. When I found out my first placement was in Belfast, I was nervous since it felt so far away from home, but as soon as I had sorted my accommodation and met my new team, I instantly felt more settled and excited about my future. When I reflect on the time I’ve had on the graduate scheme I realise how grateful I am to experience living in some of the UK’s best cities”

What do you enjoy about relocating as part of your role?

“My favourite thing about relocating is the overall experience you have living somewhere new, seeing new places and making new friends inside and outside of work. I have met some great people along my journey, and I’ve made some friends for life. I’ve tried new hobbies and been to places I didn’t even know existed, which has really opened my eyes to life outside my home town. The support in place is great since there are so many graduates in the same position as you, so there are lots of social events in each of the main hubs, and there is always an opportunity to live with fellow graduates in the same location. I’ve gained a lot of independence and learnt so many life skills, but had the most fun whilst doing it.”

How has relocating supported your development?

“Relocating has meant that I’ve had the opportunity to work in different roles across a variety of different teams. It has helped me to network in different areas, and build up some great relationships with colleagues across the group. I understand more about how our Bank works since I’ve seen so much of it, so my knowledge has grown hugely. It’s also given me a lot more confidence to step outside my comfort zone, which has helped me both professionally and personally.”

What are your Top Tips for relocating?

“Nerves are understandable, and it’s a scary prospect being placed anywhere in the UK, but don’t let your nerves get in the way. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the change… you never know where it might take you.

Reach out to other people in the same situation as you, having someone who can relate can be really helpful, and there a lots of other graduates who will be in the same boat.

Take your time choosing somewhere to live. Do your research and find somewhere that’s best for you.

Most of all, enjoy every moment. Use the experience to see new places, try new things and meet new people. It’s not often you get the opportunity to move around cities so easily, so take full advantage!”

Leonie Bourne, Graduate


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