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Healthy Study Tip #2: Drink plenty of water

Staying happy and healthy when you’ve got a lot of work on can be tough, but Connie has friends at hand to help her out.

Banking in the real world: Adyam and Sam

See what graduates Adyam and Sam have to say about these old-fashioned banking myths and how they relate to the reality of working at LBG.

Healthy Study Tip #3: Stay active

Are you getting the right balance of ‘work and play’? Nick has some tips on staying active.

Healthy Study Tip #4: Spend 15mins with nature

Nick’s on an LBG graduate programme and knows what a deadline – like an exam – can do to your work habits. He’s got some advice about ways to keep calm.

Healthy Study Tip #5: Set yourself small goals

LBG graduate Stacy has set herself goals that she wants to achieve. Take a look at the great advice she has for managing them.

LBG intern Jeff’s 30 Days in 30 Seconds

Business trips, calculators and culture. If you’ve got 30 seconds, take a look at intern Jeff’s 30 days on an internship at LBG.

Healthy Study Tip #6: Find a study partner

We asked people on our graduate programme for a bit of advice on how they stay happy and healthy. Here, Stacy shares her study secrets.

HR Graduate Louis Jameson shares his experience

Louis shares his experience to allay any concerns applicants might have about visual impairment.

Surprising, for a bank

Do you have expectations of what it’s like to work at a bank? See what our graduates have to say about working at Lloyds Banking Group – you might be surprised.