Degree requirements: 2:1 or above (expected or achieved), ideally in a numerate discipline

UCAS requirements: 300 UCAS points (or international equivalent) from 3 A-levels

Location: UK wide with relocation likely between placements

Rewards: £28,000 + £3,000 sign-on incentive + (extra allowance for London Placements) + laptop & mobile phone 


Within the finance industry, rarely is a big decision made without the support or challenge from a Risk team. Risk professionals assess and analyse the potential impacts of key decisions and take action to control and mitigate the risks identified. That could be anything from the decision of whether to provide mortgage lending to a young couple so that they can buy their first house, to assessing how expected changes in financial regulation will impact the Group as a whole, and therefore what decisions should be made about the amount of capital that the Bank holds.

The Risk Division is acutely alert to issues of the past, and learning from these to improve the bank for the future. Across the industry, banks have paid out billions of pounds to customers who were mis-sold financial products. Within Risk, you would be building the risk frameworks that ensure that the strategy of the business is customer centric, and that the associated customer related risks are managed effectively.

Risk management, therefore, is at the heart of Lloyds Banking Group's vision to become the best bank for customers.

"Risk Management is about resilience, sustainable growth, and profitability enhancement - if done right it is a key source of competitive advantage."

McKinsey Global ERM Banking Survey 2012/2013, April 2013


This two-year programme is designed to produce well-rounded risk professionals and future leaders with strong networks across the business. You'll gain exposure to a number of different environments, as well as working with some of the Group's senior executives.

The programme consists of four six month placements covering three areas within the Risk community, and a placement in one of the business areas of the Group.

Your set of Risk placements might involve a stint in the following teams:

  • Credit Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Compliance & Conduct Risk
  • Operational Risk & Financial Crime Risk
  • Insurance Risk
  • Risk Chief Operating Office
  • Legal

Your business placement could be anywhere in Lloyds Banking Group, depending on your interests, experience and development needs, and will typically have a strong customer focus. For this six month placement you could be based in a branch where you would be meeting the needs of personal customers or in a team that works with wealth or corporate customers, or leading a project or a team within the operations area of the Group.


We are committed to ensuring you receive the stretch, challenge, support and development to prepare you to become a future leader. You will gain exposure to different roles and areas of the business, an insight into how we work and a real sense of how what you do contributes to the bank as a whole.

You will enjoy a comprehensive training programme to support your continuing growth and success. As well as an induction programme, you will attend a series of master classes and training days. Furthermore, you will be supported to undertake a professional qualification orientated towards your destination role.

We will also give you the opportunity to shadow senior leaders within the division. You'll receive constant feedback, with frequent one-to-one sessions with your line manager, as well as support and guidance from a sponsor or mentor. Following the programme, you will be able to apply for a number of exciting job opportunities across the Risk Division, and we are committed to supporting the next steps of your career journey.

In short, you'll develop the skills, confidence and experience you need to succeed as a future leader in Risk and the wider Lloyds Banking Group.


To succeed in our strategy of becoming the best bank for customers, we are looking for someone who shares our key values, and will be able to help us further enhance them. Our Group values are:

  • Putting the customer first
  • Keeping it simple
  • Making a difference together

To serve these values, we need people who exhibit our key behaviours:

  • Relentlessly striving to exceed our customer expectations
  • Communicating complex information in a way that's easy to understand
  • Collaborating well across a variety of different teams and supporting fellow colleagues

We see you as a future leader within Risk, so we're looking for people with the talent, curiosity, energy, drive and determination to bring a whole new dimension to our business. You should be able to influence and build professional relationships at all levels.


"Risk provides an opportunity to work at the centre of the Group, playing a significant role monitoring and delivering some of Group's key strategic initiatives, exposure to senior stakeholder both within Lloyds Banking Group and externally, and the level of personal responsibility given right from the start of the role."

James Conway, Manager, Risk COO

"In Risk I can see the major business activities across the whole Group and how these interact with external pressures, such as the changing regulatory environment. I have built my judgement and credibility in Risk Division and am rewarded with a role which encompasses senior leadership engagement, ownership and execution of significant projects, and intellectual challenge from a subject matter which draws from multiple economic and behavioural disciplines"

Emily Taylor - Senior Manager, Compliance and Conduct Risk