About the Application Process

There are four stages to the application process, starting with the online application form and ending with an assessment centre, the LBG Innovation Lab. If you are successful at every stage, it will usually take around eight weeks to get from your initial application to a job offer.

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There are 4 stages in the application process

Fran Campalani, Senior Emerging Talent Designer

Looking at a person's experience, at what they have learnt, can help somewhat to predict their future. Looking at what someone is naturally good at and what they enjoy doing is a far stronger predictor - people tend to go where they would and should.

1. Application & Cultural assessment

We want to assess the cultural fit between you and Lloyds. We want to be sure that you would enjoy working with us, whilst we give you a realistic preview of working here.


2. Online Testing

These are timed, multiple-choice exercises. We usually ask you to do an inductive reasoning test and a numerical reasoning test.


3. Video interview

Tell us why you should work here.


4. Assessment Centre

If you're successful in the early stages of selection, we will invite you to one of our "innovation labs" or assessment centres across the UK.



If you have a question about becoming a graduate or intern with us please check out our frequently asked questions or email: lloydsbankinggrouptalent@tmpw.co.uk


Application Deadline

Make your application by 13th March 2015 to join us in September 2015 (some applications have already closed).

A Role That Matters

We’re committed to offering each of our graduates a role that matters. Click to find out more about our commitments.